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DJ Jose

Jose, pictured here with Nick, is our lead DJ here at Pulse. A DJ for over 25 years, he has been in clubs, and worked events of all sizes. He is well-versed in all genres.


Nick "Salsa" Santangelo is the Founder and CEO of Pulse Entertainment. A professional DJ for nearly 20 years, he has worked as a radio show host at 90.3 fm, where he met DJ Justin Bentley. Nick's love of music gives him the passion to make any type of event as special as the next. Whether he is out on the town or hard at work, there is always music playing in the background or through earphones. Nick quickens the Pulse of any party.


DJ Randy L. is a long standing fixture in the club and party scene. This dynamic and talented DJ is a high energy addition to any event. His passion for all things music gives him a keen ear and eye for party flow and tempo. He has a firm finger on the "pulse" of any party.

DJ Ike -Pic Coming soon

Bio: DJ/Emcee for over 25 years, Ike has been involved in Djing from vinyl to CDJs. Well-versed in all genres of music, Ike makes a versatile addition to the Pulse Family.

DJ Bentley

Justin Bentley has been the head assistant DJ at Pulse Entertainment for over 9 years. Before joining the crew at Pulse, Justin spent his Ramapo College days not only DJing various campus events, but also serving as a talk show host and student manager for WRPR 90.3FM, Ramapo's radio station, where he met and developed a lifelong friendship with Nick. You'll find artists from Jay-Z to The Beatles coming through Justin's headphones. With Justin on the job, the Pulse never stops.


Gianna is a member of our dance team & support staff. She is a classically trained dancer with several years of work in hip/hop, ballet, modern, tap and Jazz dance. A young, and very energetic addition to our team.

Event Coordinator-Tech Assist. Britt

Britt has been with Pulse since marrying into the family almost a decade ago. Her keen sense for organization and time management makes her in indispensable member of the Pulse team. Britt keeps a steady eye on the Pulse of any event.

Head Tech Assistant-Joey

Joey is a member of the Santangelo family who has been working with his older brother Nick since he was a teenager. Joe is a passionate musician with an eye for lighting design and sound acoustics. With Joe, the Pulse of your party is always in good hands.

DJ Bryan East

A DJ/Emcee for over 15 years, Bryan has been on festival stages, in clubs/bars, and led events of all sizes. He is an amazingly energetic addition to the pulse family.


A Classically trained dancer from a young age, Julianna is a high-powered motivator here at pulse. She also serves as a tech assistant.


Our event photographers come with years of experience in their corner. Chris and Rob are second to none in their editing and photo planning.

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